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CIO Perspective: How Mobile Technology Elevates the Customer Experience & Ensures Operations Flow Smoothly at Primo Water

Primo Water is a major worldwide player in the global water delivery industry, with services spanning production, transportation and the end customer experience across 22 countries. With MetTel’s Mobile Device as a Service, Primo Water can ensure seamless connectivity and mobility across the entire network, which has helped transform how it transports water for both enterprise and residential customers.
Guest Blog | FIS: Trailblazing the Fintech Future with SD-WAN

FIS manages over half the world’s overall wealth, working with 96% of the globe’s leading banks, and processing $10 trillion of transactions annually. With MetTel’s SD-WAN, FIS can provide visibility, reliability, and scalability across all core data centers, managed IT data centers, cloud firewalls and customers.
Nasdaq: Coming to America: Higher Quality Broadband at Lower Prices; What This Means for Investors

Sean Sullivan, MetTel's VP of Product Management and Regulatory Affairs, explains on what it means for consumers and businesses as a new FCC ruling takes effect aimed at removing key barriers to competition in multi-tenant environments. The new ruling prohibits broadband providers from entering exclusive "revenue sharing agreements" with landlords at multi-tenant buildings ranging from shopping malls and office parks to residential communities.
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